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How Can We Help You
The following list illustrates examples of how can we serve your needs
It will be our pleasure to elaborate things further with you and customize, if required, to your specific needs and strategies.
  • Facilitating the set up of strategic Mission, Vision and Values statement
  • Training Programs
  • Assessment Centers and strategic staffing
  • Payroll Services
  • Outsourcing
  • Change Management
  • Assessing Organization Climate, various 360 ْ   Assessments and attitude surveys
  • Designing Competencies-Based Appraisal of Performance
  • Designing processes that enables the establishment of strategic bench-strengths of human resources with the organization
  • Strategic Staffing
We see the organization structure as various levels, classified in accordance to the magnitude of the strategic impact of each level to the overall business results and the competencies and breadth of knowledge required. Therefore, we have designed our training programs, to address the basic elements we see as appropriate for each level in the organization from a generic prospective; however, we also understand that each organization has its own specific ladders and competencies. Therefore, we are flexible in fine tuning our curricula to your specific requirements
We have built for ourselves a solid reputation for being the provider of quality staffing support. Our unique methodology of Behavior Event Interviewing ensures the proper assessment in identifying and selecting competent individuals at all levels of the organization. This is also supported by our large database of high caliber candidates covering nearly all levels of experiences and vocation

Here are few examples of how we can join forces in building your additional strategic staffing requirements:

  • Assessment Center:
    Being your eyes in identifying and selecting individuals, through Competency-Based Assessments
  • Develop and design custom-made job descriptions, Human Resources Processesand various employee policies/manuals that enables your organization works flawlessly
  • Develop  Competency-Based  Performance  Assessment mechanism that enables you to further asses employees performance and identify your long-term human resources bench-strengths

Climate, the sphere of the organization, has a major impact on the bottom line results and profitability. It is the conclusive  results of many factors. Organizations that monitors and manage its climate were able to make the difference and sustain its advantage edge.

Our expertise and methodology help you to assess the overall climate of the entire organization or zoom into specific unit/s in your organization. We will work with your team to device specific action items that support the creation of the ideal Climate that enables you achieve your strategic goals

The areas and dimensions we look into and assess are:

  • The procedures and processes applied in the organization can either be supportive or hindering the achievement of results.
  • Individuals, their management styles, the way they appraise and reward their employees
  • The generic perception of employees and how they believe they are fairly treated and what sort of team spirit and degree of loyalty they have for the organization 
We also see that organizations rely on competencies and functional acumen,  necessary to set critical measures to drive your human resources towards achieving your organization strategic directions and define the basis of your rewards systems.

Our long term experience in the development of organization/individual competencies and functional acumen can be right at your hands through:

  • Helping you define and develop the competencies most critical for the achievement of your organization and employees strategies and goals
  • Develop tailor-made competencies assessment tools and surveys i.e. 360 ْ  Assessments etc
  • Work with your organization to define and resolve organization gaps


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